Can I have my goods and invoices marked to any special requirements?
Yes. Tiger Tek offers an extremely flexible approach to each customer and wants to assist when possible. We understand that not every order will be exactly the same and we can make changes where required.

What are the hours of business?
Tiger Tek operates 8am til 5pm (WST) Weekdays. However the telephone number is diverted after hours to help assist with any urgent matters.

Can Tiger Tek source any item requested?
If the product is available our staff will search all avenues to find the best price and quickest delivery available.

Can goods be returned?
As Tiger Tek doesn’t not always stock products supplied we will endeavour to accept returns but in some cases we may not be able to if the product is unreturnable to our suppliers.

Can Tiger Tek purchase on our behalf?
Yes. If you have already sourced the item you require but don’t have an account we will purchase on your behalf. We will arrange a cost plus agreement based on each individual order. All we will require is a purchase order number and we will do the rest.

Do you export?
Yes we can arrange to ship to anywhere worldwide.

Will I be able to deal with the same person each time?
Every customer is important to all our staff however if you enjoy dealing with someone in particular we are happy for you to liaise with one person. Tiger Tek has been set up to be an enjoyable working environment ensuring that staff turnover is minimal. Customers can feel sure that they will be able to have the same people looking after them.